30 MAY - 9 JUN 2019

We have a lot in common

Beloved Cinema-in-Sneakers-goers,

Look around! As the sight is the main sense of cinema lovers, we see we have a lot in common. Eyes, ears, noses, hands, hearts … OK, fact, not everything connects us, but practically with everybody we can build a large denominator. Do you see it? And the common denominator is not only a resource for a more empathic and non-violent understanding with the other being, but a contribution to great questions, great decisions and action.

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Young people have it in their blood. They act, want to repair and change the surrounding reality (“Matti and Sami and the Three Biggest Mistakes in the Universe”, “Afterlife”). It is kids who have a greater understanding of the disease or disability and thanks to their extraordinary sensitivity they can deal with such situationa (“Romy’s Salon”). They can help despite the difference and fear that this otherness can carry (“Land of Glass”). Do you have it too?

When we write this editorial, the next days of the teachers’ strike are passing by. We know that you see it. The kids in “Your turn” fights for the right to education and freedom of speech.
Greta Thunberg during the World Economic Forum calls for panic about the future of the Earth, you go out into the street. The right to live in a world that is not poisoned and destroyed, in a world where people share resources is common to all of us (“2040”). How to catch the balance between the need for development and the nature that is essential for us to live? Man is an element of nature “ZOOks”.
Do you know the ‘butterfly effect’? It is an anecdotal presentation of chaos theory, but also a metaphor for the impact of our action on the world. On June 4, in the middle of the 7th Cinema in Sneakers we will celebrate exactly 30th anniversary of the first democratic elections. What does an event like 3 or 10 decades have to do with you? What is the influence of the elections in which you can not participate due to the law? Can a child be free at all? Are you free?

Do you want to see what your peers could have felt 30 years ago? Do you want to see what we all can do now for your great-grandchildren?

We all have common goals. Let’s go to the cinema. In sneakers. Let’s talk. Let’s act!

Cinema in Sneakers Team