7 - 17 JUNE 2018

EYE ON THE FOREST– nature filming workshops

Most of us have recorded a jumping squirrel at least once in our life, tried to catch a flying bird or an elephant flapping its ears on film. How to do all this in a way that’s friendly to the environment? How to dress to hide from the animal “actors”? Which film sets to use? Who takes part in making a nature film? You’ll find out the answers to those and many more questions during the workshops.
Workshop leader: Waldemar Krasowski – a nature lover since childhood, he’s been photographing and filming nature for years. A winner of nature photography contests, his photos were published in magazines both in Poland and abroad. He worked on the TV series – „100 tys. bocianów”. He worked with authors of award-winning film “Cząstka Podlasia” and “Z nurtem życia”.