30 MAY - 7 JUN 2020


Already back in 2016, while presenting our special section Sing Along Films, we were discussing the importance of the film’s original score and film songs for the young audience. Now we’re going a step further. Together with the Polish Society of Authors and Composers, from this year on, Cinema in Sneakers will be granting an award to the creator of film music among films participating in the Feature Films Competition for Children.

A soundtrack of films for children, composed in accordance with children’s sensitivity and aesthetic and beautiful at the same time, as well as “film” songs that often live their own lives and shape generational consciousness – such compositions will be sought by the first Music Jury of the Cinema in Sneakers festival consisting of:


Urszula Urzędowska

Radio journalist. Among other things, she hosts the Sunday RMF Classic broadcast “How to Train Your Kiddo”. She thinks about herself: “Headstrong as Little My. Pensive as Scarlett O’Hara. I prefer to leave thinking about difficult things for tomorrow … Adventurous like Captain Jack Sparrow. Reporter, which means crouching tiger, hidden dragon. But all in all … An Angel in Warsaw.”

Krzysztof Gradowski

Director and screenwriter of documentaries, feature and animated movies. He wrote and directed the cult series about Mister Blots. In 1990 he became the Chairman of the Academy of Polish Television and Film Directors. Member of the Polish Film Academy.

Agnieszka i Emil Płoszajscy


A screenwriting and directing duo specialising in productions for young spectators. The authors of radio plays for the Polish Radio for Children, and family musicals – “Jacek i Placek na tropie księżyca” featuring Lady Pank’s music, as well as “A Piece of Gingerbread” (the Toruń Musical Theatre), on which a spectacular full-length live-action musical titled “The Gingers” is supposed to be based.