7 - 17 JUNE 2018

The 6th Cinema in Sneakers Award Winners


By decision of the Children Jury:

The Main Award for the Best Short Film for Children goes to Tilda Cobham-Hervey for the film A Field Guide To Being A 12-Year-Old Girl .

It’s a film about us. It portrays lives of 12-year-olds in an amusing way: what we think of ourselves, what it’s like when we’re sad or happy; it shows that everyone is different and that’s ok. It has character and it will definitely brighten your day. It’s an amazing story about growing up told in a witty way. It’s real.

The Special Mention goes to Jeremy Collins and Kelly Dillon for the film Belly Flop.

It tells you to be yourself in an original way. When you’re impressed by something but don’t know how to do it, do it anyway on your own terms! And don’t give up. A film about how to have fun with life.


By decision of the Children Jury:

The Main Award for the Best Feature Film for Children goes to Luc Picard for the film Cross My Heart.

This incredible film captures you thanks to its characters who you simply cannot cheer on. It takes on important philosophical subjects: that good people at times do bad things, that everyones needs a family, despite the fact that its members can be completely different and at times it takes very little for it to fall apart; but also that love can be found in not-so-obvious circumstances and that people don’t need to be related to form a family.

The Special Mention goes to Likarion Wainaina for the film Supa Modo.

For a moving story showing that death doesn’t have to be the end; that some are left behind and have to power on.
For the “movie inside a movie” thread.
For making it with a limited budget and still managing to show its beauty and amazing cinematography.
For portraying the incredible love between sisters.


By decision of the Children Jury:

The Main Award for the Best Short Film for Youth goes to Paulina Ziółkowska for the film Bless You!

For an original artistic expression, that gives the audience a chance to interpret the film in their own way.

The Special Mention goes toTessa Louise Pope for the short film The Origin of Trouble.

For being brave enough to take on a very private and difficult topic in the right way. For reminding us that what we see on the screen is often closer that we may think.

The Main Award for the Best Feature Film for Youth goes to Germinal Roaux for the film Fortuna.

For a very thought-through, minimalistic, sophisticated form that leaves room to think. For touching upon the current topic of multiculturalism and showing it from several perspectives.

The Special Mention for the feature goes to Dash Shaw for the film My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea.

The film takes on a disaster in a light, unusual way with a touch of black humour and twist straight from a comic book.


By the decision of the Parents Jury the Award goes to Cross My Heart by Luc Picard.

The film was selected as the best of this year’s edition nearly unanimously. Why?
Most of all it tells the story of entering the difficult adulthood in a wise and beautiful way, about how the demur against the world grows in young people’s hearts. It leaves the audience questioning the good, the bad and the righteous. It’s a universal story that inspires to get the conversation going with the youngest ones about many topics interesting to them.
The film can also help the adults understand that lack of attention to kids’ needs causes frustration and feeling of helplessness. We’re definitely going to go back for seconds.


European Children Film Association JURY


The ECFA jury 2018 would like to thank Cinema in sneakers festival. We have seen some amazing stories in our selection about a persisting grandmother, caring trams and a wild ant which made it hard to decide.
As the ECFA jury we are delighted when we discover a timeless and universal story. We saw a very well animated, beautiful and cute movie that reminded us of some great philosophical questions and at the same time had some groovy dancing in it and a very strong message: always stay curious and don’t be afraid. The winner of this year’s ECFA short film selection is: Fruits of Clouds from Katerina Karkankova.


The ECFA jury 2018 has chosen a film which we think is sooooo important because of the world how it is today. The film could broaden the horizons of young people but also other generations, it shows the
importance of equality and peace. We hope that this film will get in cinema’s as well and will be seen by as many people as possible because we really think it could make a difference. The winner of this
year’s ECFA feature film selection is: The Breadwinner from Nora Twoney.


By the decision of SKSiL JURY The Main Award goes to The Breadwinner by Nora Twomey.

The award goes to a film about a girl, whose determination and heroic attitude is an appeal to women in a world of regime. A symbolic animation with intertwined mythical stories putting the viewer’s world in order takes us on a journey through Kabul. We get the insight of what’s important: fighting for your family.

The Special Mention goes to Cross My Heart by Luc Picard.

It’s a touching story about family needs, love among siblings and determination in fighting for a better tomorrow. Amazing performances of the young actors and surprising plot twists create a magnetic pull that keeps the audience in anticipation until the very last frame.

The Special Mention goes to War Game by Goran Kapetanovic.

The film tells a story of a certain backyard told by a little boy searching for an answer to his question: can you get to power with trust or only with domination? Could it be that the social mechanisms that govern the world are already programmed in children? The title boasts a dynamic animation, vivid musical setting and an advice to the grown up masters of this world – living in fear is simply not worth it.



The jury, appointed to assess the musical composition of the films, consisting of: radio editor of RMF Classic – Urszula Urzędowska, a screenwriter-director duo Agnieszka and Emil Płoszajski and a screenwriter-director Krzysztof Gradowski, after a short yet heated debate, has come to a decision. While emphasising the incredibly high standard of illustrative music among the presented films the Jury has decided to select the author of music to Rosie i Moussa as the one worthy of being awarded the Grand Prize. The decision was unanimous.

The composer, Le Motel, has decided to stretch the boundaries of illustrative music and has found the right means to present us with the somewhat inner music characterising the film’s protagonists. The main character, Rosie, in difficult moments goes back to the song performed by her father. Also her friend, Moussa, shows off with perfectly executed rap. Even the caretaker of the multi-storey tenement house, where the young protagonists live, having freed himself of the tenant’s issues, devotes every free moment to learn the tap dance. The Jury has taken into consideration the young age of the composer (24 yo) as well as the fact that “Rosie and Moussa” is his debut in the field of cinematic music.


The Audience Award goeas to Over the Limit by Marta Prus.