30 MAY - 7 JUN 2020

Jury SKSiL

The Network of Studio and Local Cinemas is based on the fifty-year-long tradition of studio cinemas and it is important for the Polish cinematography. A program is created by National Film Archive and is financed by the Polish Film Institute. There are currently over 200 cinemas in the network from all over the country. Cinemas receive financial support for their programming and educational activities aimed at young audience.


Bolesław Drochomirecki

He holds a degree in mathematics, he’s been associated with the culture of Opole since the beginning of the 70s; he’s been in charge of the event planning department in the Youth Cultural Centre in Opole; it was there that he reactivated the Studio cinema, which is a member of the Polish Federation of Film Discussion Clubs and the Polish Network of Studio and Local Cinemas active within the National Film Archive. He’s still in charge of the cinema today. For 11 years he’s been co-organizing the Children’s Film Festival “Zero Boredom”, and for 8 years he’s been in charge of the Film Academy and Media Workshops for students of schools in Opole. Since 2011, on behalf of the New Horizons Association, he’s been coordinating the New Horizons of Film Education in Opole and Opole’s New Horizons in several cities across the entire voivodeship.

Agnieszka Piotrowska-Prażuch

Holds a degree in Film Studies. Deputy Head of the Amok art-house cinema in Gliwice. She carries out projects related to film education. She received the Culture Award of the President of the City of Gliwice for the promotion and protection of culture, as well as the Słoneczniki Award 2016 – for the best initiative for children in Silesia and the Basin. She contributes to the success of the Amok cinema, which won the Polish Film Institute Award for the Best Polish Cinema in 2013. Jury member of international film festivals such as the International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino!, and the Kids Film Festival.

Marlena Gabryszewska

Filmoznawczyni, polonistka, manager kultury. Przez wiele lat związana z Filmoteką Narodową i stołecznym kinem Iluzjon, obecnie jest managerem kina Elektronik na warszawskim Żoliborzu. Od lat współpracuje także z Letnią Akademią Filmową w Zwierzyńcu oraz Festiwalem Camerimage. Z zamiłowania podróżniczka i żeglarz.

Film expert, Polish language teacher and culture manager. For several years she’s been associated with the National Film Library and the Warsaw-based Iluzjon cinema. At present, she’s the manager of the Elektronik cinema in Warsaw’s Żoliborz district. For years she’s been collaborating with the Summer Film Academy in Zwierzyniec and the Camerimage Festival. Privately an avid traveller and sailor.

Wioletta Mrozek


A film education expert, Polish and film education teacher, jury member at international festivals, school culture coordinator, author and coordinator of Pedagogical Innovation: “Film education in middle schools – Films educate and nurture”. In 2013 she wrote her own Education Program „The World in a Frame”, which makes the film education class an extracurricular activity with a separate grade on the report card. She created and has been organizing the Interschool Film Competition “My encounter with film” and the Interschool Film Marathon  for 11 years.