7 - 17 JUNE 2018

Film School Upbringing

Film School Upbringing is a project intended as a tool for school educators. It provides them with an excellent tool, i.e. a set of short movies and lesson plans addressed at real school needs and possibilities. The achieve that goal we invited teachers to cooperate and help us identify ten most important upbringing issues to be tackled at school. These areas became our reference points for film selection and subsequent preparation of lesson plans. As a result an unusual package of materials was created; a collection of films, questions and exercises that are engaging and interesting for young viewers as well as adaptable to a given class environment, time requirements and school syllabus.

During the “Cinema in Sneakers” Festival Film School Upbringing project will take the form of discussions held after school screenings. Together we are going to trigger educational potential of films, let them inspire us and confront questions they bring us.

Discussions will be conducted by trainers and psychologists cooperating with Generator Foundation.