1.1. The 7th Kino w Trampkach [Cinema in Sneakers] Film Festival for Children and Youth will be held from May 30th to June 9th, 2019.

1.2. The Festival is organized by the Cinemania Foundation.

1.3. The Festival presents a broad spectrum of the latest unique titles from around the world directed at the young audience. Its purpose is to increase kids’ interest in the film industry.

1.4. Film Rating:

The Organizer rates each film individually from 3+ up to 14+. The ‘youth film’ are for ages 14 and over.


2.1. The Festival has four competition sections:

  1. a) Children Short Films Competition,
  2. b) Children Feature Films Competition,
  3. c) Youth Short Films Competition,
  4. d) Youth Feature Films Competition.

2.2. Juries

  1. a) Children Jury consists of two groups of 5-9 kids, 10-13 years old,
  2. b) Youth Jury consists of one group of 5-7 people, 14 years old and over,
  3. c) The Organizer may appoint the Professional Jury. The information about it will be available on Festival’s website no later than one month before Festival starts.

2.3. Awards

  1. a) the main prize in each category goes to the film’s director(s):

– FILM THE WANDERER for the best short for children and the financial award of 500 Euro.

– FILM THE WANDERER for the best feature for children and the financial award of 1500 Euro.

– FILM THE WANDERER for the best short for youth and the financial award of 500 Euro.

– FILM THE WANDERER for the best feature for youth and the financial award of 1500 Euro.

All the awards will be paid within 90 days from an official announcement of the Competition’s results. The basis document will be the Jury Statement, signed by all its members, comprising the names of the winners and the amounts of the prizes. The winners should provide all necessary data needed to make a payment. According to Polish Tax Law, the Festival will deduct and transfer to the appropriate Tax Office a flat rate of the prize.

  1. b) Both Children and Youth Juries award special mentions in each category.
  2. c) The statuette FILM THE WANDERER is also given to the director of the best film according the audience choice (Audience Award).
  3. d) The Organizer may raise the money award. The information about it will be available on Festival’s website no later than one month before Festival starts.

2.4. Short Films Competitions

  1. a) preferred films:

– films up to 25 minutes long,

– films before the official Warsaw premiere;

– films made in 2017 or later; older if it is a Polish premiere of a film.

2.5. Feature Films Competitions

  1. a) preferred films:

– films before the official Warsaw premiere;

– films made in 2017 or later, older if it is a Polish premiere of a film.

2.6. Audience Poll

  1. a) The audience chooses their favourite film out of Competition films,
  2. b) The Organizer may include in the Poll recent films from other sections only if they are before the Polish theatrical release.
  3. c) The full list of films and the Rules of Audience Poll will be available on Festival website no later than a week before it starts.

3.1. Childhood Enchantments – very special childhood titles chosen by a Special Festival Guest.

3.2. Best of season – panorama

3.3. Digital Poland for Kids – Cinematic Time Machine – Polish restored films for kids and teens.


4.1. The entry is open for fiction, documentary, animation and experimental films, all-lengths.

4.2. Preferred are films before Polish or Warsaw premiere, made in 2017 or later.

4.3. The film can be entered by the author, producer or other entitled body. Any claims for unauthorized entry are the applicant’s responsibility.

4.3. The Organizer decides on the selection. In case of Youth Films Competition the final word rests with the Youth Programming Group.

4.4. Only films entered before the deadline and in accordance with these Terms & Conditions will be taken into consideration.

4.5. The submission is free of charge.

4.6. The entry form should be made online, via the Entry Form available on the Festival’s website www.kinowtrampkach.pl.

4.7. The completed Entry Form and film screeners should be sent by the 11th March 2019.

4.8. Except for English and Polish spoken films, the films should be in their original versions with English subtitles.

4.9. Preview copies:

4.9.1. The Festival prefers online screeners.

4.9.2. In case of sending of the viewing copy on DVD, the Festival does not incur the costs of transport, insurance, nor taxes.

4.9.3. The envelopes should be clearly marked with “ENTRY film title”.

4.9.4. In case of parcels from outside of the EU, the pro forma invoice should be attached. It should contain the following information: “Of no commercial value, for cultural purposes only”. The declared value of the shipment should be 0,00 USD or not exceed 20 USD.

4.9.5. The viewing copies will not be send back. All submitted films are included in the Festival


4.10. The Submitter will be notified about the results immediately after the completion of the selection process.

4.11. The Festival does not cover the costs related to the implementation of submitted films and collecting the prize. / The Festival will not incur either the costs of making the submitted films, or the prize collection.

4.12. The Festival reserves the right to suspend or cancel the competition and to change the amounts of the prizes.

4.13. The Festival does not pay screening fees for the selected films.

4.14. The selected film cannot be withdrawn from the Festival programme after 30th April 2019.


5.1. Preferred format of a screening copy is DCP. For short films Blu-ray is acceptable. Other formats must be agreed with the Festival.

5.2. The screening copies should reach the Festival Office in Warsaw by 6th May 2019. Any exceptions to this rule should be agreed with the Festival before this date. The copy should be properly marked. Deviations from this condition should be agreed with the Festival before this date.

5.3. The screening copy should be compatible with the preview copy. It should be in original language version with English subtitles (only if English is not the original language), in good technical condition.

5.4. Shipping costs

5.4.1. The costs of upcoming shipment are covered by the Submitter unless it is otherwise agreed with the Organizer. The sender should follow the shipment instruction, which will be provided by the Organizer together with the selection results.

5.4.2. The Festival incurs the costs of outgoing shipment unless it is otherwise agreed with organizer.

The Festival undertakes to return the copy of the film in a condition not worse than results from normal operation .

5.5. The Festival will insure the integrity of screening copies from the time of delivery to the Festival until the print is delivered to a shipping agent for return.

5.6. The Festival’s responsibility for damage or loss of the copy is limited to the cost of making a new copy according to the applicable laboratory rate for making a standard copy.

5.7. Damage to the film must be reported by e-mail to the Festival office within 14 days from the date of its return, or before the first show at the next festival.

5.8. A copy will be sent to the address indicated by the Submitter . The organizer is not liable for damages resulting from postage to an incorrect address .


6.1. The Submitter grants the Festival the right to use:

  1. a) the screening copy for the festival screenings both in Warsaw and Gdańsk (in Gdańsk there will be an Autumn edition of the festival),
  2. b) the provided promotional materials (stills, descriptions, pressbooks) for the festival publications (leaflets, programme, website, catalogues, other internet publications, press, TV) and for the Festival promotion in media. The materials can be edited.
  3. c) film excerpts ( trailer or up to 2 minutes from feature and up to 30 seconds from short film) for promotional purposes.

6.2. The organizer has the rights to use fragments of the film and promotional materials for subsequent editions of the Festival on the terms described in point 6.1.

In terms resulting from sub-paragraphs a) and b), the Submitter grants the Festival respective licenses, or permits free exercise by the Organizer of subsidiary rights to the song .


7.1. In case of doubt the definitive interpretation is up to the Festival’s Artistic Director.

7.2. Any questions regarding the submission and selection of films, please send to:


7.3. The Competitions described above, are not “a game of chance”, nor “a tambola”, nor “a mutual bet”, nor “a promotional lottery” which result depends on coincidence according to art. 2 of The Act of Games of Chance and Mutual Bets from 29.07.1992 (journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland, no 62, it. 341 with later changes).

7.4. Submitting a film to the Festival is equivalent to the acceptance:

  1. a) of the conditions set out in these Terms & Conditions.
  2. b) for the processing personal data for the selection and marketing purposes. / Data Protection Law from 29.08.1997, Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland, no 133, it. 833 with later changes.

7.5. The Organizer is not responsible for violation of rights of third parties arising from the use of the submitted works , unless the violation is only the fault of the Organiser . In this regard, the applicant’s movie releases the Organizer from liability.

7.6. In the event of doubt in regards to the interpretation of the T&C’s, the Polish version is the deciding one .