Anna Stadnik

Ardent film buff. She graduated from the University of Economics in Cracow. She had also studied Gender Studies at the University of Warsaw and screenwriting at the Schools of Screenwriting in Cracow. She has been connected with the film industry for over 10 years. She was involved in implementing of the MEDIA program in Poland, she worked in film distribution, in the field of co-production in Polish Television; also for 4 years she was the head of the programming department at the Two Riversides Film Festival. For a few years now she has been fascinated by writing and improving of scripts.

Films for the youngsters have always made me a bit restless. It is probably because I remember very well my first cinema in Ustronie Morskie called Syrena. Its seats were green and my favourite one was located in the last row, seat no. 1. I used to go there with my mom as a pre-schooler for the matinee screenings; and later for the films for the not-so-slightly older audience. It was there that I saw my first film rated 12 while personally being a good few years short to meet the criteria (it was White Dragon by Jerzy Domaradzki and Janusz Morgenstern). The last few years of primary school and the whole of secondary school were about going to the cinema with friends – to hang out but most of all to discover oneself – those fights for a film’s meaning – that was something! Although I began to watch films starring adult characters quite early, the ones about my age group were the most important to me. I still know the exact place where one very important box is located. In the attic of my family house a box full of tickets stubs, those really old ones, from a roll.