Agnieszka Drzewiecka-Protić

She graduated from College of Management and Marketing in Warsaw, the topic of her thesis being the management of film distribution. She had studied film production at PWSTiTV (National School of Theatre and Television). She had always known she would work within film industry. Her beginnings originated in the field of film distribution, later she was involved in the production stage. The last few years have been taken up by the final phase of post-production. This type of experience gives a lot of insight into the promotional cycle as well as audience behaviour and the awareness of the creator’s expectations. While dealing with production and post-production she worked with the following festivals: Planet Doc Review, The Two Riversides Film and Art Festival, Japanese Film Retrospective.

I grew up watching films for kids and, later, for teenagers. Now, I know cinema like the back of my hand but every new film I still watch with unchanged interest. Emotions are most important. Pionier Cinema in Strzelce Opolskie was located practically just opposite my family house. Every Sunday my older brother and I were dropped off at the matinee screenings. It is actually one of my first cinema memories: the head of Koralgol Bear above the heads of a whole lot of kids fixating their eyes on the screen. In the screen of Pionier Cinema I would always sit in the very last row and from time to time I would stand on my seat to be able to have a quick peek into the projection room. I remember the feeling of awe and excitement after I saw The Water Babies, as well as the massive queue which I was a part of for nearly half a day in order to get the tickets to see Mister Blot’s Academy. But I truly lost my head for E.T. Everything I had was themed with E.T.! When I got older – old enough to cross the street by myself – the cinema became a meeting point for me and my friends. We would go there with sleeping bags, when during crisis, cinemas would save on heating. We were prepared to go all the way for the tenth Muse. The fascination with cinema sticks for good.