Anna Klamczyńska

Art buff. She graduated from Warsaw’s College of Fine Arts where she majored in graphic design. She was linked to the film industry earlier as an actress, she also did dubbing. Back then theater film and music were the most important in her life. That hasn’t really changed but the approach slightly shifted – she focuses of posters, editing, implementation. On an everyday basis she collaborates with theaters in Warsaw and Washington.

When I was a kid we lived in a small town on the outskirts of Warsaw so a trip to the cinema was always a huge event in which the entire family would participate. First we had to drive for hours on end (or more like 30 minutes, really), then it was the whole ticket purchasing business and the long wait for the show to actually start. Every time when something sad happened on screen, I’d cry my eyes out (along with my mom). It kind of stuck with me to this day. This, and place number 13 in the 11th row where I sat even if the screen was practically empty.